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Child Care Routine Inspections

Our Child Care Task Force provides routine health inspections for licensed child care facilities to ensure compliance with the state’s Rules and Regulations Governing the Health and Sanitation of Child Care Facilities in the State of Colorado. Routine health inspections for child care facilities are required every two years but may be conducted more frequently based on an assessment of risk. Adams County Health Department does not license child care facilities, however a passing health inspection is required by the Department of Early Childhood Division of Early Learning Licensing and Administration (DELLA). Below are some helpful handouts and links for routine inspections:



Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Food Safety


Disease Prevention, Outbreak and COVID-19 Support for Childcares

Our task force provides disease prevention and control guidance to our childcare programs, including those that do not traditionally require Health Department approval for licensure (ex. sports, performing arts, or faith-based camps) in Adams County. If you are a child care facility or program and need to report an outbreak, is experiencing illness that is above normal for the childcare, need to report a reportable illness (such as case of COVID-19), or have general questions, please contact [email protected]. Below are some helpful resources:

Child Care New Construction/ Remodeling- Plan Review 

All new programs must submit the Child Care Plan Review Packet. The plan review packet for new construction or remodeling must be completed and submitted to this department for approval before any construction begins. Programs must pay all fees associated with the review and inspections.

Child Care Opening, Change of Ownership & Room Evaluation Inspections 

Contact [email protected] to schedule an inspection for opening a new child care, changing ownership of an existing child care, opening new room(s) for your existing child care program, changing from old rooms to new rooms, or adding an additional room. 


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