Environmental Health

As part of the Adams County Health Department, Environmental Health programs focus on preventing communicable diseases and environmental conditions that could be harmful to your health.

Staff that work in Environmental Health conduct routine inspections and complaint investigations related to health and sanitation in all food establishments, childcare facilities, schools, body art facilities, public swimming pools and spas and oversee the permitting, installation and use of onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic systems), protecting drinking water resources and surface waters from pollution. 

Meth Regulation

Proposed methamphetamine regulation to be heard by the Board of Health on June 15 at 5:30 p.m.

MyHD Customer Portal

Our priority continues to be fully supporting your business so that you can be successful today, into the new year, and beyond. We will continue to provide pertinent updates on this webpage as needed.  If you have questions or feedback to be considered, please contact us at [email protected] or call 303.288.6816

Retail Food, Body Art, and Plan Review

Will I be able to operate even though I don’t have an official license yet for 2023?
Yes, you will be allowed to operate during this time period as we send out invoices and process your license fee.

Will I be fined or receive a civil penalty for not paying my fee by the due date?
The due date for license invoices will be 30 days from the date of invoice. Please pay your license fee by this due date!

Will I receive an inspection in 2023?

  • For Retail Food: Based upon your past inspection history, facility type, and risk values, you may or may not receive an inspection in 2023. If you do not receive an inspection in 2023, you will receive an inspection in 2024. 
  • For Body Art: Yes, you will receive an annual inspection in 2023.

When will I receive my hard copy food license?
We expect hard copy licenses to be mailed out approximately 3-4 weeks after we process your payment.

What’s the process to get my mobile food truck licensed in 2023?
Please contact us in 2023 to renew your mobile license. The licensing and inspection process will be the same as in years past. Updated forms and documents needed for relicensing will be listed on the Adams County Health Department website.
Will my mobile food truck be inspected after being licensed by Adams County in 2023?
Yes, Adams County Health Department will be conducting operational inspections on mobiles beginning in 2023; while the mobile is in operation and selling food to the general public.

When will I be able to submit my Plan Review for a brand-new restaurant?
You will be able to submit plan reviews once Adams County Health Department is open for business on January 3, 2022.

How long will it take for a Plan Review Specialist to contact me after I submit my plan review for a brand-new restaurant?
Per Colorado State Statue, once you submit a plan review and pay the application fee, Adams County Health Department Plan Review Specialists have 14-days to respond to your application/submittal.

I submitted a plan review to TCHD for my mobile food unit, how do I know where it went after the dissolution?
Your file would’ve been sent to whatever county your commissary kitchen was in.

Can I submit my plan review electronically?
Not at this time. ACHD is working towards developing a system that will allow for plan reviews to be submitted in the near future. 

Should I expect a delay in a response after I submit my plan review?
You should receive a response within 14 working days of the date your plan review was received by the department. 

The person I received communication from after I submitted my plan review to TCHD is no longer around to contact. Who will my point of contact be going forward?
Contact ACHD to find out details of all previously submitted plan reviews. 

Public Health Concerns

To report a public health concern or complaint, please email [email protected].


To submit an environmental records request as part of a Phase 1 Site Assessment, please send the details of the request, along with your contact information, to [email protected].

Retail food, mobile food, and pool plan reviews can be dropped off at our Commerce City Office, S. Platte Crossing, 7190 Colorado Blvd. 


Brian Hlavacek


Environmental Health Office

Brian Hlavacek
Environmental Health Division Director

Adams County Government Center
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Environmental Health Fee Schedule