Pools, Spas, and Water Features

Water has been recognized for centuries as an area for recreation and enjoyment, but also where users of that water can be exposed to disease. Proper maintenance can help prevent gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases that may be spread due to improperly maintained pool water. 

Group of Children Sitting on the Edge of a Pool with Their Feet in the Water

State Regulations

Adams County Health Department inspects public and semi-public pools, including pools and spas at child care centers, schools, and mobile home parks twice a year. During a routine inspection, the pump room, the overall facility, the bodies of water, and the water chemistry are checked to make sure they are in compliance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Swimming Pools and Mineral Baths Regulations (PDF). For the minimum and maximum pool chemistry requirements, please refer to page 24 of the regulations.

Pool Plan Reviews

At least thirty days prior to the construction, enlarging, remodeling, or modification of a public or semi-public swimming area or related facilities, the plans and specifications complete with piping layout, equipment, and mechanical specifications along with design calculations must be submitted to the health department for review and recommendations. A complete set of swimming pool plans, the plan review form and $120 plan review fee can be submitted to our Environmental Health Office. Pool plan reviews are not required for private pools.

Pool and Spa Plan Review Paperwork


Healthy and Safe Swimming Week is observed yearly, the week before Memorial Day.


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