Diabetes Education

Discover a Healthier Life

Whether you're seeking to live a healthier life or learning to manage diabetes, the Adams County Health Department (ACHD) has options for you! ACHD is one of the only health departments in Colorado to offer diabetes education and prevention as a service to community members. Each of our programs is designed to provide support and guidance no matter where you are on your health journey.

Eat Healthy

Whoever told you healthy eating can't be fun and tasty was wrong! We'll work with you to keep your favorite foods in your diet while monitoring and adjusting your glucose levels.           

Manage Stress

Your health can be one of the biggest stressors in your life, and we recognize the mixed feelings you're going through. It's important to recognize these normal emotions and take steps to reduce their negative impact.

Set Health Goals

From lowering your blood sugar to improving your blood pressure and mood, we partner with you to develop health goals that work for you, whether you're seeking to live a healthier life or working to manage diabetes.

Build Support

You are never alone! Throughout our courses, you will meet people in the same space as you and interact with instructors who will guide you from a place of compassion through managing and preventing diabetes.

Find a Class to Meet Your Needs

Journey to Wellness: A Diabetes Prevention Program

This year-long program will teach you the skills to live a healthier life. It's designed for people who are not diabetic but looking to prevent diabetes through healthier life choices.

Learn to:

- Lose weight

- Get active

- Overcome barriers

- Find motivation to change

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Diabetes Self-Empowerment Program

This series of diabetes group classes is open to people and their support network with all types of diabetes.

Learn to:

- Monitor and reach your blood sugar goal

- Have more energy

- Spend less on health care

- Reduce diabetes symptoms

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Diabetes Education Program