Nurse Support Program

Home Visiting

Our nurses are here for you and your family to guide you through a healthy and balanced lifestyle with our free program. We provide nursing services, support, education, and care coordination to families with small children in Adams County.

County Human Services offices identify families and individuals that could benefit from our services.

During your visit with your nurse, we will provide prenatal education, resources, and parenting support up to your baby’s first birthday.

Our program provides flexible meeting times and locations. You can let us know if you prefer being at your house or somewhere else.

Sign Up

Signing up for our program is easy. You can ask your WIC office, caseworker, your doctor or healthcare provider. They will use our referral form and one our nurses will call you to setup your first appointment. 

Anyone on Medicaid, WIC, SNAP/Food Stamps, or other services can be on the Nurse Support Program. Call us today to see if you are eligible at 303.815.0046.

For Providers

Complete our referral form for your patients. You can refer families who meet all the following:

  • Live in Adams County
  • Meet income requirements 
  • Be pregnant or parenting a baby under six months

Anyone on Medicaid, WIC, SNAP/Food Stamps, or other services can be on the Nurse Support Program.

We Deliver Care and Services for Optimal Health

The mission of the Nurse Support Program is to reduce the risks and mitigate the effects of traumatic events while encouraging healthy social, physical, and emotional development. 

We provide a holistic assessment of individuals and families and advocate for equity in our communities by connecting our clients to the support systems and resources they need to achieve optimal health.

Research Articles: Efficacy of the Nurse Support Program

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Nurse Support Program