Public Health Policy

Adams County Health Department works to improve community health by engaging in public policy. Our team works at the Federal, State, and local levels to promote health policy, which can be related to physical, mental, or social determinants of health. Getting involved in policy can look many ways: strengthening communities and partnerships by working with coalitions, communicating to inform and educate the community on policy issues, drafting or implementing legislation, utilizing legal and regulatory actions, and more!  

State, Local, Federal Policy Engagement  

State Policy 

The Colorado Public Health Act of 2008 encouraged local Health Departments across Colorado to ‘develop and promote’ public policies that improve community health.  

Adams County Health Department engages in public policy at the Capitol in several ways, including working in coalitions, analyzing introduced legislation, providing expert testimony in legislative committees, directly lobbying, and more.  

See a comprehensive review of our engagement during the 2023 Legislative Session.

2024 Legislative Session

Below is a list of bills and budget items on which ACHD has taken a position. This is not a comprehensive list. A comprehensive overview of our work in the 2024 Legislative Session will be available within a few months.  

ACHD Supports the following:  

  • R-1 (CDPHE Budget): Local Public Health Infrastructure – appropriates $11 million per 
    year for local public health agencies
  • SB24-022: Regulate Flavored Tobacco Products
  • SB24-054: Diabetes Prevention & Obesity Treatment Act
  • SB24-142: Oral Health Screenings in Schools Pilot Program
  • SB24-175: Improving Perinatal Health Outcomes
  • HB24-1037: Substance Use Disorders Harm Reduction
  • HB24-1028: Overdose Prevention Centers
  • HB24-1055: Child Passenger Safety & Education
  • HB24-1297: Baby Bonds Program Study 
  • HB24-1311: Family Affordability Tax Credit
  • HB24-1322: Medicaid Coverage Housing & Nutrition Services
  • SB24-001: Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program
  • SB24-007: Behavioral Health First Aid Training Program
  • SB24-034: Increase Access to School-Based Health Care  

ACHD Opposes the following:  

  • SB24-043: Authorizing Direct-to-Consumer Sales of Raw Milk 
  • HB24-1106: Require Information about Abortion Pill Reversal  
  • HB24-1088: Modifications to the Child Fatality Prevention Act  

Interested in Getting More Engaged?  

Find your state legislators.  

Adams County State Senators 

Kevin Priola13Democrat303.866.4855
Rachel Zenzinger19Democrat303.866.4840
Dafna Michaelson Jenet21Democrat303.866.4857
Kyle Mullica24Democrat303.866.4451
Faith Winter25Democrat303.866.4879
Rhonda Fields28Democrat303.866.4879

Adams County Representatives  

Lindsey Daugherty 24Democrat303.866.2950
Shannon Bird 29Democrat303.866.2950
Julia Marvin 31Democrat303.866.2918
Manny Rutinel 32Democrat303.866.2945
William Lindstedt33Democrat303.866.4667
Jenny Willford34Democrat303.866.2931
Lorena Garcia 35Democrat303.866.2964
Mike Weissman36Democrat303.866.2942
Gabe Evans  48Republican  303.866.2943
Rod Bockenfeld 56Republican  303.866.2912

Local Policy 

Local governments and elected officials also have the ability to pass public policy that improves the health of their communities! Within Adams County, there are 10 ‘incorporated’ municipalities along with the Board of County Commissioners, which has an elected Board that represents the residents and can create their own local laws.

At the Health Department, we’re currently focused on passing two local health initiatives: Tobacco Retail Licensure (TRL) and Healthy Beverage initiatives.  

Interested in listening in to your local city council meetings? Click below to find meeting schedules and agendas. 

Federal Policy 

ACHD also engages at the Federal level with Congress to improve the health of residents. Below is a list of bills that we support:  

Coalition Partners

American Heart Association  
American Lung Association   
Blueprint to End Hunger  
Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO) 
Colorado Children’s Campaign  
Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA) 
Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC) 
Hunger Free Colorado