Drinking Water

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations - These are enforceable standards developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that all public water providers must meet to protect public health.

National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations - These are non-enforceable EPA guidelines for public water systems to help ensure that the water they treat and deliver to customers is of good quality, taste, odor and color.

Denver Water Lead Reduction Program - Denver Water has begun implementing the Lead Reduction Program that was approved by the EPA and CDPHE in 2019. Denver Water’s Lead Reduction Program consists of an online inventory of all customer owned lead service lines, pH adjustment to reduce risk of lead leaching into drinking water from lead service lines, water filter and pitcher delivery to all homes with lead service lines, replacement of all lead service lines within Denver Water’s service area over the next 15 years, and ongoing education and outreach regarding lead in drinking water.

For more information on whether you are eligible for Denver Water’s Lead Reduction Program, visit denverwater.org/your-water/water-quality/lead.


Small Water Systems

Design Criteria for Potable Water Systems - Effective September 1, 2013.
For the design of new waterworks: Drinking Water Design Submittal Form.


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