Our Community’s Health Status And Priorities

Assessment and Plans

Department Assessments and Plans

In 2008, Colorado’s Public Health Act (C.R.S. 25-1-505) was signed into law. It specifically designated public health functions for health departments in Colorado. 

In addition, on Oct. 19, 2011, the Colorado State Board of Health passed the Core Public Health Services – New Rule. This rule requires local public health agencies to deliver or assure that core public health services are provided to the community and it also requires the agency to complete a Public Community Health Improvement Planning process every five years.

Community Health Assessment

Every five years health departments are required to complete a Community Health Assessment (CHA). The assessment provides an overview of the current health status of our counties in order to strategically inform and prioritize the health issues we address, with our local partners, as your health department. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted us all; in 2022, in order to strategically inform and assist the prioritization of health issues in Adams County, Tri-County Health Department completed a county-specific CHA ahead of the five-year cycle. 

CHAs allow us to learn about the community: the health of the population, factors contributing to higher health risks or poorer health outcomes of identified populations, and community assets and resources that can improve population health. Input from the community, stakeholders, and partners is a critical part of building the CHA. In 2021-2022, we partnered with community-based organizations in Adams County to engage more meaningfully with community members and partners. 

Community Health Improvement Plan 

Adams County Health Department is beginning the process of developing a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). In Colorado, the process of developing a CHA and CHIP is guided by the Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS). The CHIP builds upon the findings from the Community Health Assessment, detailing a plan for the community – created by the community – to address identified county health priorities.

ACHD looks forward to working with community members, colleagues, partners, elected officials and county leaders as we develop our 2023-2027 Community Health Improvement Plan.

We are excited to post two opportunities to participate in this process! 

  1. Open call for professional/organizational partners to join the Community Health Improvement Coalition (click here for English and here for Spanish)! This is a working group of professionals who will work alongside ACHD staff to guide the CHIP process, including drafting goals, objectives, and strategies for the final priority areas.
  2. Open solicitation for community-based organizational partners, as trusted partners of the community, to receive funding from ACHD to recruit and conduct focus groups and survey outreach with community members with whom you already are connected (click here for English and here for Spanish!)

Please contact Callie Preheim, Public Health Planning and Evaluation Senior Advisor, with any questions: [email protected] or 720.200.1658.

Opportunities for public participation coming soon!


If you would like to learn more about our assessment and planning processes, please contact Callie Preheim, Public Health Planning and Evaluation Senior Advisor, at [email protected].