Private Wells

Private Well Construction

The construction of private wells is regulated by Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR). They ensure the safe and proper construction of water wells by issuing water well construction permits along with licenses for well drillers. For more information: 

Division of Water Resources - Well Permitting

Well Permit Search - DWR's online tool to search for existing permits by permit number, location, owner, address and more. 

Guide to Colorado Well Permits (PDF) - A 20 page brochure with a comprehensive overview on types of well permits, designated basin in formation, residential wells and wells with water rights. DWR publication, 2012. 

Licensed Well Driller and Pump Installers - Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR). If you need to find a licensed well driller, this link lists DWR licensed contractors by City, Company, Last Name and License Number. The lists are updated quarterly. 

Private Well Education

Wellcare Hotline - A wealth of information for private well owners from the nonprofit Water Systems Council

The Private Well Class - Another excellent online resource for well and septic system owners. This site offers free videos, webinars and e-mail classes and podcasts. This is a service of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

How to Disinfect a Well - A video with step-by-step instruction to disinfect a well.

Adams County Well Brochure

Private Well Sampling

Keep your family, loved ones and guests safe by testing your well water every year for bacteria (coliforms) or whenever you notice a change in water quality. Know when to test your well, how to test, how to read your results, and when to follow up  by reviewing our bacteria in well water flyer. For more information, see links below or contact Adams County Health Department at 303-288-6816.

How do I get my well tested?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Private Wells

CDPHE - Private Wells 


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