Special Events

A Special Event food establishment is a food establishment that operates at a fixed location for a period of time not to exceed 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

  • Special events DO NOT include regularly scheduled events at sporting arenas, concert halls and venues, flea markets, or farmers' markets, or events served by licensed caterers or promotional events such as grand openings.
  • All food vendors participating in a Special Event must have a license to operate as either a Mobile Food Unit or as a Special Event Vendor (Cottage Foods are excepted).  Contact any one of our four EH Offices for assistance with licensing.  

Special Event Coordinators must fill out the following Special Event Coordinator Application Form:

Coordinator Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Please e-mail the completed application to: [email protected].

The following link lists all mobile and Special Event vendors currently licensed by ACHD (mobile vendors licensed outside of our jurisdiction, except those with a Denver license, are also approved): Current List of ACHD Licensed Vendors.

Special Food Event Vendor Info and Forms

  • Special Event Vendor Application (if you have previously submitted a Special Food Event Vendor Application to ACHD, and your menu has not significantly changed, you are NOT required to submit another one.  A current menu, a current commissary agreement, a current Department of Revenue License and payment are all still required however).   
  • Commissary Agreement
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Special Food Event Licensing Fees

  • Special Event License: $165
  • Special Event Late Fee: $50 per late application
  • Special Event Inspection (per inspector): $60 per hour


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